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    Mopar Manuals on CD-ROM Frequently Asked Questions


Mopar Manuals on CD-ROM  Frequently Asked Questions


What exactly is on the CD-ROM or DVD?

The CD or DVD is a replication of the original factory service or parts manual.

This includes images of covers and color where it applies in the manual.

What happens if I scratch or break the CD or DVD?
If you scratch, break or burn your CD or DVD with a welding torch (true customer experience),
just give us a call - you send us the damaged CD or DVD and we send a new one (you pay postage only.)


Do I need special software to run the CD or DVD?

No,the CD or DVD comes with its own software called XNVIEW.

You may also use your file manager preview feature in windows Vista - Win 7 & Win 8

You may also use the JPG viewer of your choice.

If the PDF format is used the Adobe Acrobat viewer is readily available from the internet
and in most cases supplied on the CD or DVD.


What kind of computer do I need to run the CD or DVD?  Is it compatible with MAC?

We recommend a minimum of a Pentium 133 with 32meg RAM memory. The CDs are

compatible withMS-DOS, Windows 3.X, 9X, Windows ME, Windows 2000 and Windows XP and Vista.


Yes, it is compatible with MAC OS!

We recommend visiting the http://www.mac.org website for the latest viewers for the Mac.

The Graphics area has a very good JPEG viewer Called JADE.  Please download and use this as

A Mac viewer if you don’t currently have a suitable viewer.


Please consult your MAC representative for hardware



We also support LINUX x86, FreeBSD x86, SOLARIS x86, SOLARIS Sparc, BeOs, x86, AIX,

IRIX Mips,HP-UX, OS/2, Silicon Graphics and ATARI.


What files types are on the CD or DVD?

The CD or DVD is composed of either 300dpi JPG files (like actual pictures of the pages), XML or pdf files.


How do I find things on the CD or DVD?

The CD or DVD is structured in folders which are the same as the ‘sections’ of the original manual. 

The first page of a section is an index to that section.  You click to open the “folder” named

for the section in the book you want and select the page you want to display.
Adobe Acrobat reader for PDF type files generally has a full search function!


Can I print the pages?

Yes!  You print as many pages as you need.  You can also rotate and ZOOM on a page

(try that with a paperback).


Looking up parts is a challenge; can you give me some hints?

The parts book is laid out in sections according to the structure of the vehicle (i.e. engine,

suspension and body). 


By locating the section of the car your part is in you can locate the part and its relationship to

other parts on the car.  There are also alphabetical and numerical indexes in the parts books.


Why do you have such a strict return policy?

Part of the ruling of the policy comes from our Chrysler Group, LLC Licensing and part comes from

the ease with which the dishonest person could copy the CD or DVD data to their hard drive and then

return the CD or DVD.

A Special NOTE of CAUTION: Each CD or DVD has a serial number linked to the original purchaser
so it would be unwise for the original purchaser to make illegal copies. CHRYSLERS Legal Dept.
frowns upon such activity and levies some very harsh penalties.