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Our Mission Statement


To enable the professional / non-professional auto restorer / hobbyist to access FACTORY manuals.  Our desire is to protect this vanishing resource.  This will allow current and future generations of restorer࡮d enthusiasts a cost effective access to this information.


Our Story


The Owner, David Waller.   As a young boy I was interested in horses. As I entered my teenage years my passion turned from animals to machines (specifically MoPar).  I enrolled in Wilcox Regional Vocational Technical School in Meriden, Connecticut for Auto Mechanics in 1967. My grandfather who was 60 yrs. old and who raised me, was driving a 1964 Dodge Max Wedge.  He struck a deal with me. If kept my grades up in school and keep myself out of trouble he would buy me my own car ᴠage 18.  In the fall of 1969 I can recall a specific Saturday morning driving by the local Plymouth dealer and seeing a brand new Honey Bronze 4-speed 69 HEMI Road Runner pillar car with a "Dana Super Trac Pak" options package sitting in the showroom. Man it was a beautiful car. I asked my grandfather if we could stop, just to look at it ᮤ he obliged (he really didn঵ss too much). The salesman after a little of begging from me took us for a test ride in the car. He drove and I sat in the back seat.  He headed for the Berlin Parkway and he pinned me up against the back seat in 3rd gear. WOW!!!  Went to school Monday morning a told the guys in auto shop about my ride and they all razzed me and said "NO WAY"!!!  The following Saturday, armed with my Kodak Instamatic camera (to take evidence pictures of the rare Hemi car) we stopped back at the dealership. My grandfather didn঵ss too much.  When we pulled in to the lot and my heart sank. The Hemi Road Runner was no longer in the showroom.  Getting out of our car a salesman caught my eye and I said, 襠Hemi is sold isn't it???  he said yup.  I told him how the guys in school didn't really believe I got a ride in a Hemi car and I came to take pictures of it to prove it really was there.  He said wait a minute, I think I can help you. He walked up to the counter and fumbled around for a second. The next moment a set of keys came flying at me. While I was trying to absorb all of this the salesman said, " You場he luckiest SOB on the planet殢sp;The keys were for MY brand new Honey Bronze 69 HEMI Road Runner with 14 miles on it. You should have seen me trying to convince the guys in school that monday that I owned the Hemi Road Runner!!!!


(see pictures below)


  My passion for that engine has never left me however, time and circumstance (namely the gas crunch and outlandish insurance rates) parted me from that beautiful car in 1974. We move to many years and two marriages later.  I have been self-employed in a computer consulting business since 1984.  My wife, a registered nurse and part time bookkeeper, often works with me in the computer business.  But the writing was on the wall. I cannot compete with Dell, Gateway and Computer City �business had to change.  Inevitably cars crept back into my life.  In 1998, I bought a 1969 383hp Road Runner.  It wasnࡠHEMI, but I had to start somewhere.  Then I bought another car and also tried computer digital imaging show cars. This wasnനe change I was looking for. One day I decided to scan my service and parts manuals into the computer (I hate paper) and then I burned them to CD-ROMt a car show I was fooling with my laptop with these home brew CD-ROMଯoking for some parts for my car. Within 5 minutes someone asked me where I got the CD's and where could they buy a set. It was then it struck me, this is a really good idea稹 not put all the MOPAR manuals on CD-ROM.  I found the majority of these manuals (and parts books) had no copyright, and would find out shortly that it was the MoPar registered trademarks that I had to worry about.  I focused my time, for a year and a half, on collecting manuals. I now have a collection dating back to 1914.  My wife focused on the corporate paperwork and licensing. After nine long months of waiting and scanning 䨥 licensing paperwork came through. 


Now it seems I have the best of all worlds.  It may have taken more than one try, but I finally found my soul mate, my wife is a Mopar person. Now my long time hobby is my business.


The Bosses side...oops. I mean Michelle೩de:  My husbands 塬⵳iness was computer consulting and repair when he decided a few years ago to resume a beloved hobby, automobiles.  Going to high school in the late 1960ਥ had told me many a story of the famed 峣le Car� era.  His high school yearbook is filled with his nickname 孩 Dave⥩ng that his grandfather (who raised him) bought him a new 1969 HEMI Road Runner. He was 17 and didn't have his license yet.  Unfortunately, he had to give up this car in his youth when the gas crunch came.


So in 1998 he purchased a 1969 383hp Road Runner, partly restored.  He promptly acquired an original factory service and parts manual for way too much money.  Being that he is on a computer 8+ hours per day, he scanned his manuals into the computer. A was trying to sell his original manuals  Several people mentioned that they liked the electronic CD manuals, and many people asked him where could they buy one. The business was born. We have acquired 600+ manuals dating back to the Dodge Brothers (1914) and according to the Walter P. Chrysler Museum we own one of the largest collections of restoration manuals in the US.  Itயt as easy as it all sounds, scanning over 150,000+ pages so far. Each one has to be checked, de-skewed, cropped, organized and some digitally cleaned.  All the legal paperwork had to be filed including DaimlerChrysler licensing which took more than nine (9) months (and that୹ job, the paperwork).


   I had admired a Sox & Martin car I saw on a poster so our most recent purchase, a snow white 1967 440 Belvedere may become a Sox & Martin 襠Boss㬯ne car. 


Others cars in the barn: 


                                          99 Jeep Cherokee


                                          67 Plymouth Belvedere II 440 4-speed


                                          86 Ram Panel Van

                                          The rest are secrets.         ; )


Mopars are infectious.






My 1st Car & Wife



Hood fitted Velocity Stacks!



More than a pretty face!



My Car, My Gram & those Keystones!



Hurst 4-Speed, line-loc!



Birds eye view!



Go ahead...make my day!



426 8-Pack!



Seee Ya!



Breathe baby breathe!



Aircraft landing light hi-beams!



Look in the mirror... lucky shot!



That's a 20 yr old Me!



Vacuum guage to keep her in tune!



Yes, I had air cleaners for the street!



Ahhh...... I can breathe!



I still have my plate!



The view most people saw!